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8BitDO Ultimate Wireless Controller + Base

8BitDO Ultimate Wireless Controller + Base

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Explore an advanced gaming experience with the 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Controller and its innovative dock. This versatile wireless controller offers stable connectivity via the 2.4G adapter, ensuring up to 15 hours of gameplay. Discover the features, compatibility with various platforms, and gaming comfort of this high-end controller.

Stylish Design with Varied Color Options:

The 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Controller stands out for its modern design available in three attractive colors: Black, White and Pink. Choose the color that matches your style and gaming setup. Its light weight of 0.60 kg ensures a comfortable grip, ideal for extended gaming sessions.

Stable and Versatile Wireless Connectivity:

The included 2.4G adapter ensures stable wireless connectivity, eliminating the hassle of cables for a smooth gaming experience. Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Windows, Android and Apple (MacOS, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV), this controller adapts to a variety of platforms, providing exceptional versatility.

Innovative Dock for Easy Charging:

The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller comes with a convenient dock with a charging indicator. This dock not only charges the controller efficiently but also serves as a stylish stand. Enjoy up to 15 hours of gaming time, then simply place the controller in the dock for quick, convenient charging.

Advanced Customization with Palette Buttons:

The controller is equipped with 2 paddle buttons on the back, offering advanced customization with a profile switch button. Configure up to 3 saved player profiles to accommodate different game genres and play styles. Quick profile switch button provides instant flexibility during gameplay.

Compatibility and Easy Use:

Whether you are a Raspberry Pi user, a Windows, Android, or Apple product gamer, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller adapts perfectly to your needs. Setup is simple, thanks to connectivity via the 2.4G adapter and USB-C port for charging.

Conclusion: A Controller For Gaming Enthusiasts:

In conclusion, the 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Controller with Dock offers an advanced gaming experience for enthusiasts. Its sleek design, versatile wireless connectivity, innovative dock, and customization features make it an ideal choice for demanding gamers. Immerse yourself in limitless gaming adventures with this premium controller.

Configuring the controller's 2.4g adapter

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