The 10 retro games that marked the history of gaming
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The 10 retro games that marked the history of gaming

The 10 retro games that marked the history of gaming

Take a trip through gaming's past with these 10 retro games that left an indelible mark on the industry. From Super Mario Bros. to Sonic the Hedgehog, let's dive into the nostalgic world of these essentials.

1. Super Mario Bros. (1985): The Rise of a Legend

Relive Mario's epic debut in the Mushroom Kingdom. Super Mario Bros. not only saved Princess Peach, but also redefined the platform game with its innovative gameplay and ingenious levels.

super mario bros retro gaming

2. Pac-Man (1980): The arcade icon

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of yellow mazes with Pac-Man. This arcade classic not only defined a genre, but also marked the beginning of gaming pop culture.

Pac-Man retro gaming

3. The Legend of Zelda (1986): A fantasy epic

Embark on an epic adventure with Link in The Legend of Zelda. This revolutionary game introduced the concept of open world and immersive storytelling, establishing the foundations of modern role-playing games.

Zelda retro gaming

4. Tetris (1984): Blocks that conquered the world

Face the challenge of blocks with Tetris, an iconic puzzle game. Its simple but addictive concept has transcended generations, from the Game Boy to our modern consoles.

Tetris retro gaming

5. Sonic the Hedgehog (1991): Speed ​​redefined

Experience ultimate speed with Sonic the Hedgehog. This speedy blue hedgehog brought a new dynamic to the platform game, marking the start of a legendary rivalry with Mario.

Sonic retro gaming

6. Final Fantasy VII (1997): Redefining RPGs

Explore the epic world of Final Fantasy VII. This iconic RPG not only redefined the genre, but also left its mark on the industry with its complex story, memorable characters, and revolutionary graphics at the time.

Final Fantasy Retro

7. Space Invaders (1978): The beginning of the invasion

Relive the alien invasion with Space Invaders. This classic arcade game was the precursor to many shooter games, setting a template for games to come.

Space Invaders retro

8. Mega Man (1987): The Robust Hero

Go on an adventure with the blue robot in Mega Man. This classic action game is renowned for its challenging gameplay, catchy music, and memorable bosses.

mega man retrogaming

9. Castlevania (1986): Vampire Hunt

Explore the dark corridors of Dracula with Castlevania. This action-adventure game set high standards with its dark atmosphere, gripping combat, and ingenious level design.

Castlevania retrogaming

10. Street Fighter II (1991): The beginning of street fighting

Immerse yourself in the world of street fighting with Street Fighter II. This iconic fighting game introduced innovative gameplay mechanics and a variety of characters, giving birth to a legendary series.

Street fighter retro

And you, what are the games that marked you?


These 10 must-have retro games are not just fragments of the past, but pillars that built the video game industry. Delve back into these timeless classics and relive the excitement that has captivated generations of gamers. Each title is a masterpiece in the history of gaming, reminding us that, even in the era of high-definition graphics, the magic of pixels continues to enchant us.

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