8BitDO wireless controller connector to PS1/PS2
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8BitDO wireless controller connector to PS1/PS2

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by 8BitDO
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The 8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS is a revolutionary solution for PlayStation enthusiasts who want to rediscover their classic games without the constraints of cables. Compatible with PS1 and PS2 consoles, this receiver wirelessly connects a wide range of modern and classic controllers, bringing a new dimension to your retro gaming experience. Find out why the Retro Receiver for PS is a must-have for all PlayStation enthusiasts.

Play wirelessly on PS1 and PS2

The 8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS lets you play wirelessly on your PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 consoles. No more cumbersome cables and movement limitations! This compact receiver plugs directly into your console's controller jack and establishes a Bluetooth connection with your favorite controllers. So you can enjoy your classic games with the freedom and convenience of wireless technology.

Extensive controller compatibility

The Retro Receiver for PS is compatible with virtually all modern and classic Bluetooth controllers. This includes the DualShock 4, DualSense, and DualSense Edge controllers, as well as the Xbox One, Xbox Series, Elite Series 2, and Adaptive controllers. Wii U Pro and Switch Pro controllers are also supported. Additionally, the receiver works great with 8BitDo controllers, including the Ultimate Bluetooth, Pro 2, SN30 Pro+, SN30 Pro, and more. This broad compatibility allows you to choose from a variety of controllers to find the one that best suits your gaming style.

Design and Functionality Respecting the Classics

The Retro Receiver for PS is designed to integrate seamlessly with PS1 and PS2 consoles. Its small size and simple design respect the aesthetics of classic consoles while offering modern functionality. Every aspect of the receiver has been designed to ensure optimal performance with original PlayStation systems, without compromising the authenticity of the retro gaming experience.

Technical Characteristics and Performance

The 8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS stands out for its advanced technical characteristics:

  • System Compatibility : PS1, PS2, Windows 10/11
  • Firmware Update Support : Stay up to date with the latest improvements and features
  • Controller Vibration Support : For an immersive gaming experience
  • Virtually No Latency : Enjoy instant responsiveness for frustration-free gaming sessions
  • Dimensions and Weight : 56 x 24 x 8 mm, 14.8g
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth (supports Bluetooth LE)

These specifications ensure a smooth and responsive gaming experience, meeting modern standards while being compatible with retro consoles.

Easy Installation and Use

Installing Retro Receiver for PS is quick and easy. Simply plug the receiver into the controller jack on your PS1 or PS2, then pair your favorite Bluetooth controller using the instructions provided. Using the included USB cable, you can also update the receiver's firmware to benefit from the latest features and improvements.

What's Included

  • 1 8BitDo Retro receiver for PS
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 8BitDo Logo

Why Choose 8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS?

  1. Wireless Freedom : Play your PS1 and PS2 games without the limitations of cables.
  2. Wide Compatibility : Works with a wide range of modern and classic controllers.
  3. Ease of Use : Quick and intuitive installation, with support for firmware updates.
  4. Authentic Gaming Experience : Designed to respect the aesthetics and functionality of the original PlayStation consoles.
  5. Superior Performance : Virtually no latency and vibration support for an immersive gaming experience.


The 8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS is an essential accessory for all fans of retro games on PlayStation. By offering the ability to play wirelessly with a variety of modern controllers, it redefines the gaming experience on PS1 and PS2 consoles. Whether you're a nostalgic gamer or new to the world of retro gaming, this receiver will allow you to fully enjoy your classic games with modern convenience and performance. Invest in the 8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS and rediscover the pleasure of PlayStation games without the constraints of cables.