Playstation style RecalBox “Prestige” kit
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Playstation style RecalBox “Prestige” kit

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-10% on your order with code RETRO10

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Immerse yourself in the world of retrogaming with the PiStation Prestige RecalBox Kit, a set carefully designed to recreate the magical experience of consoles from the 90s. This all-in-one kit brings together the best brands, offering total immersion in more than 100 game systems, all with the valuable support of the Recalbox community.

Inspired Design, Guaranteed Compatibility:

The RecalBox PiStation Prestige Kit offers much more than a simple assembly of components. Its PiStation case with screen evokes nostalgia for the original PlayStation while ensuring perfect software compatibility thanks to RecalBox. The elegant design and variety of colors (gray, black) allow you to personalize your retrogaming experience.

Key Components:

  1. PiStation case with screen: A faithful reproduction with a modern touch, for an immersive visual experience.

  2. Raspberry Pi 4 2GB : The power of retro gaming in your hands, with a Raspberry Pi 4 card optimized for exceptional performance.

  3. 8BitDo SN30PRO+ V2 Controller: Reliability and comfort guaranteed for extended gaming sessions, with a choice between two elegant colors (black or gray).

  4. Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable 2m black: Sharp projections on the big screen to share your retrogaming adventures.

  5. 128GB SD Card: Generous storage space to accommodate all your favorite games, for a gaming experience without limits.

A Personalized Experience:

This kit was custom made by the Recalbox community via our Twitter page. It's a unique opportunity to rediscover the games that marked your childhood or to discover the charm of the first generations of video games.

Recalbox 8.1 Electron: Explore, Play, Rediscover:

With Recalbox 8.1 Electron, access a diverse library of over 120 different systems, including new emulators compatible with systems such as the Saturn, now available on Raspberry Pi 4. Enjoy optimization specific to your Raspberry Pi 4 with many compatible accessories, such as Bluetooth controllers, arcade sticks, and much more.

Community Support and Simplified Installation:

Build your Recalbox kit by following the lives of Fabrice, passionate and specialist in retrogaming, broadcast live on the Recalbox Twitch channel every Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. To get help and share your passion, join the Recalbox community on Discord or the forum, where kindness, mutual aid, and passion are the key words.

Download Recalbox, Embark on the Retrogaming Adventure:

Click here to download Recalbox and choose the Raspberry Pi 4 from the list of available options. Discover a new dimension of retrogaming with the PiStation Prestige RecalBox Kit, where each component is carefully selected to deliver an uncompromising retrogaming experience. Explore, play, relive your memories, and share your passion with the Recalbox community.