PlayStation USB controller
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PlayStation USB controller

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Explore the nostalgic world of PlayStation emulators on Recalbox or RetroPie with the PS USB Controller, your ticket to uncompromising retro adventures. With 62 verified reviews, this USB controller stands out as the preferred choice for gamers looking for reliable performance and gaming comfort.

Ergonomic Design for an Optimal Gaming Experience:

The PS USB Controller is designed with gamer comfort in mind. With dimensions of 155mm * 97mm * 52mm, it offers an ergonomic grip that allows prolonged gaming sessions without fatigue. Whether you're fighting fearsome bosses or solving complex puzzles, this controller guarantees an optimal gaming experience.

Simple and Versatile Connectivity:

Equipped with a USB port, the PS USB Controller ensures simple and versatile connectivity. Plug it into your PC or Raspberry Pi, and instantly immerse yourself in the world of PlayStation emulators. The extensive compatibility of this controller makes it ideal for a variety of platforms, providing exceptional flexibility for every gamer.

Advanced Technical Features:

This controller doesn't just have a sleek design; she also excels technically. With an operating temperature range of -40 ~ 60oC, it withstands extreme conditions, ensuring consistent performance. Powered by a working voltage of 5V, it provides electrical stability, eliminating unwanted game interruptions.

Detailed Technical Characteristics:

  • Product size: 155mm*97mm*52mm
  • Use temperature: -40 ~ 60oC
  • USB port
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Compatible with: PC, Raspberry Pi

Package Included:

The PS USB Controller comes with everything you need to start your retro gaming experience. Included packaging ensures you have everything you need to jump straight into the action.


In conclusion, the PS USB Controller is much more than just a gaming accessory; it is a reliable companion that opens the doors to the retro universe with ease. Its ergonomic design, versatile connectivity and advanced technical features make it the ideal choice for PlayStation emulator enthusiasts. Join the community of satisfied gamers and immerse yourself in memorable retro adventures with the PS USB Controller.

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Sylvain Schadel

Je suis très satisfait très bonne qualité la manette je le recommande d'acheter cette article.