USB arcade stick
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USB arcade stick

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Type: Controller
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The USB arcade stick offers an immersive gaming experience with its joystick and eight responsive buttons. Connect it via USB to your Raspberry Pi, PC or arcade machine for extensive compatibility. The four suction cup mounts ensure a secure hold during your gaming sessions.

The molded ABS housing guarantees exceptional strength, ensuring the durability of the arcade stick. Its Plug and Play design simplifies setup, allowing you to quickly dive into the gaming world without hassle.

An Intuitive Gaming Experience

The USB arcade stick is designed to provide an intuitive gaming experience. The eight comfortable and responsive buttons are ergonomically arranged, providing easy access and precise control during your games. The joystick, equipped with great precision, responds to your movements with exceptional fluidity.

Versatility and Compatibility

Thanks to its USB connection, this arcade stick is versatile and compatible with various gaming platforms. Whether you play on your Raspberry Pi, your PC or an arcade machine, this stick offers extensive compatibility to meet your gaming needs.

Stable Hold with Suction Cup Mounts

The four suction cup attachments located under the arcade stick ensure a stable hold on different surfaces. Whether you're playing on a table, desk, or arcade machine, these suction cups ensure the stick stays in place, providing essential stability for intense gaming sessions.

Durable molded ABS housing

The construction of the molded ABS case gives the arcade stick exceptional robustness. Shock-resistant and durable, this case is built to withstand the rigors of the most intense gaming. Its solid structure guarantees a long lifespan, making the USB arcade stick a reliable investment for gaming enthusiasts.

Plug and play installation

Installing the arcade stick is child's play thanks to its Plug and Play design. Simply connect the stick to your device via the included USB cable, and you're ready to play. No need for complicated drivers or complex setups, you can enjoy your gaming experience without delay.


In summary, the USB arcade stick offers a versatile Plug and Play solution for gaming enthusiasts. With its eight responsive buttons, its precise joystick, its suction cup mounts for a stable hold and its durable molded ABS housing, it meets the needs of the most demanding gamers. Get the USB arcade stick today and enhance your gaming experience.