8BitDO Phone Holder for XBOX Controller
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8BitDO Phone Holder for XBOX Controller

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by 8BitDO
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The 8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Controllers is a must-have accessory for gamers who want to transform their mobile gaming experience. Compatible with Xbox Wireless Controllers, including the new Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Elite Series controllers, this clip provides a convenient, ergonomic solution for gaming on the go. Find out how this accessory can improve your mobile gaming experience.

Universal Compatibility

The 8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Xbox controllers. Whether you're using an Xbox Series, Xbox One, or the new Xbox Wireless Controller, this clip fits perfectly. However, it is important to note that it does not support Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 controllers. This extensive compatibility allows gamers to enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted mobile gaming experience, regardless of their controller model. Xbox.

Dual Axis Adjustable Design

To ensure an optimal gaming experience, the 8BitDo mobile gaming clip offers two-axis adjustable positioning. This feature allows you to find the perfect viewing angle and adjust the position of the smartphone for maximum comfort. Whether you're playing on a table, on a plane, or in a car, you can always adjust your setup for optimal visibility and ergonomics.

Clip Expansion for Various Smartphone Sizes

The clip is designed to expand and fit a variety of smartphone sizes. It can accommodate devices whose width varies between 49mm and 86mm. Whether you have a small smartphone or a larger model, this clip ensures a secure and stable grip, allowing you to play without worrying about your device slipping or falling.

Robust and Durable Materials

Made from high-quality materials, the 8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip combines ABS and aluminum to provide exceptional durability and sturdiness. These materials ensure that the clip can withstand heavy daily use while maintaining a sleek, professional appearance. The light weight of 43g also makes it easy to carry without adding extra weight to your gaming equipment.

Ease of Transport

The clip's compact, lightweight design makes it extremely portable. It folds easily for convenient transportation, allowing you to take it with you anywhere. Whether you're on the go for work or traveling, you can always take your mobile game clip and enjoy your favorite games anywhere.

Contents of the Box

The package includes everything you need to start using 8BitDo Mobile Game Clip right away. In the box you will find:

  • 1 x Mobile Game Clip for Xbox Controllers
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 8BitDo logo

Benefits of 8BitDo Mobile Game Clip

  1. Wide Compatibility : Works with a wide range of Xbox controllers, including the new Xbox Wireless Controllers.
  2. Adjustable Positioning : Two-axis adjustment for optimal viewing angle and ergonomic comfort.
  3. Smartphone Adaptability : Compatible with smartphones from 49mm to 86mm in width.
  4. High Quality Materials : Made of ABS and aluminum for maximum durability.
  5. Portability : Lightweight, foldable design for easy transport.
  6. Simple Installation : Easy to install and use, with a clear instruction manual.


The 8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Controllers is the perfect accessory for mobile gamers. Its wide compatibility, adjustable positioning, and durable construction make it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their gaming experience on the go. Invest in this handy clip and turn your Xbox controller into a capable mobile gaming system. Enjoy the freedom to play anywhere, anytime with 8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip.

PLEASE NOTE: The controller is not included!