8BitDO Phone Holder for Pro 2 Controller
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8BitDO Phone Holder for Pro 2 Controller

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by 8BitDO
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With the 8BitDo Mobile Clip, transform your Pro 2 controller into a true dedicated mobile gaming system. Designed to provide an optimal gaming experience, this clip is the perfect accessory for gamers on the go. Find out how this innovative clip can improve your mobile gaming experience.

Expandable Design for Large Smartphones

The 8BitDo Mobile Clip is designed to fit a wide range of smartphones. Thanks to its extendable mechanism, it can accommodate devices of different sizes, ranging from a minimum width of 49mm to a maximum width of 86mm. Whether you're using a compact smartphone or a larger model, this clip ensures perfect compatibility, allowing you to play comfortably on your favorite device.

Adjustable Positioning on Two Axes

To ensure an optimal gaming experience, the 8BitDo mobile clip offers adjustable positioning on two axes. This allows you to find the ideal viewing angle and maintain an ergonomic posture while gaming. Easily adjust the position of your smartphone to reduce hand and eye fatigue, and enjoy maximum comfort, even during long periods of time. gaming sessions.

Foldable Design for Easy Transport

The 8BitDo mobile clip is designed for mobile gamers. Thanks to its foldable design, it easily compacts for convenient transport. Whether you're traveling, on the daily commute, or simply changing rooms, this clip fits easily into your bag or pocket, ready to use at a moment's notice. Don't let mobility limit your gaming experience; take your dedicated mobile gaming system with you anywhere.

Robust and Durable Materials

Made from high-quality materials, the 8BitDo mobile clip is both sturdy and durable. Combining aluminum and ABS, it provides a solid structure that holds your smartphone firmly in place while withstanding the rigors of daily use. You can count on this clip to last and protect your device while you play.

Essential Accessory for Mobile Gamers

The 8BitDo mobile clip is an essential accessory for all Pro 2 controller owners who want to play on their smartphone. Although it's sold without the controller, it integrates seamlessly with the Pro 2, instantly transforming your gaming setup. Whether you're playing native mobile games or streaming games from your console or PC, this clip will have you offers a practical and effective solution to improve your gaming experience.

Technical characteristics

  • Compatibility : Wide range of smartphones (min width: 49mm, max width: 86mm)
  • Positioning : Adjustable on two axes for optimal viewing angle
  • Design : Foldable for easy transport
  • Materials : Aluminum + ABS for increased strength and durability
  • Included : Mobile clip only (Pro 2 controller not included)

Advantages of the 8BitDo Mobile Clip

  1. Optimized Gaming Experience : Transform your Pro 2 controller into a dedicated mobile gaming system for a superior gaming experience.
  2. Universal Compatibility : Fits a wide range of smartphones, ensuring flexible and versatile use.
  3. Comfort and Ergonomics : Adjustable positioning on two axes to reduce fatigue and improve playing comfort.
  4. Increased Mobility : Foldable design for easy transport, allowing you to play anywhere and anytime.
  5. Durability : Robust materials for daily use and long life.


The 8BitDo mobile clip is an essential accessory for gamers who use the Pro 2 controller and want to play on their smartphone. With its extendable design, adjustable positioning, foldable design and sturdy materials, this clip offers everything you need to transform your mobile gaming experience. Whether you're at home, on the go, or traveling, take your passion for gaming anywhere with the 8BitDo Mobile Clip. Invest in this convenient and durable clip for an improved and more comfortable mobile gaming experience.