GPi Case 2W case
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GPi Case 2W case

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For Raspberry Pi and retro gaming enthusiasts, the GPi CASE 2W is the ultimate choice in a portable case. This innovative device doesn't just house your Raspberry Pi, it redefines the retro gaming experience by offering advanced features and polished aesthetics. In this article, let's dive into the details of what's in the box, the great features of the GPi CASE 2W, and the improvements over its predecessor, the original GPi CASE.

What's in the Box: Everything You Need

When you invest in the GPi CASE 2W, the box contains not just a case, but a complete set of essential accessories. Inside you will find:

  1. GPi CASE 2W: The heart of the whole thing, this case is specially designed to make your Raspberry Pi portable while providing a smooth gaming experience.

  2. DC 5V Power Cable (1m): Essential for ensuring stable power to your Raspberry Pi, this one meter cable is included to ensure your system runs smoothly.

  3. Mini Screwdriver: Assembling your GPi CASE 2W case is a breeze with the included mini screwdriver, adding welcome convenience to the installation process.

  4. Assembly Manual: Detailed instructions in the assembly manual will seamlessly guide you through each step, ensuring worry-free setup.

Characteristics of the GPi CASE 2W: A Concentration of Technology

The GPi CASE 2W stands out for its cutting-edge features, making it an essential option for Raspberry Pi and retro gaming enthusiasts:

  • 3.0" IPS Screen Size: The 3.0-inch IPS screen delivers exceptional visual quality with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, ensuring crisp and vibrant visuals for your favorite games.

  • microSD Port: The built-in microSD slot simplifies storing and loading your games and files, adding extra convenience.

  • Built-in Speaker: Enjoy quality sound without the need for external speakers thanks to the built-in speaker.

  • Audio Output 3.5mm Jack: If you prefer a more personal audio experience, the 3.5mm jack provides convenient connectivity for your headphones.

  • 2800mAh Li-ion Battery: Gaming autonomy is guaranteed by the 2800 mAh Li-ion battery, allowing you to play for hours without interruption.

  • Authentic Control Buttons: Featuring a D-pad, A/B, X/Y, Select/Start, Turbo and Home buttons, the case provides an authentic retro gaming experience.

  • Wheel Buttons for Volume and Contrast Adjustment: Personalize your gaming experience by adjusting the volume and contrast via the dedicated wheel buttons.

  • USB to DC Power Cord 2.5 x 0.7 mm: The included power cord ensures stable and reliable charging for your GPi Case 2W.

  • Pogo Pins for Easy Assembly: Simplifying assembly, Pogo pins make the installation process more accessible for all users.

  • Safe Shutdown Function: Support for the Safe Shutdown function ensures a clean and risk-free shutdown of your Raspberry Pi, adding an essential layer of protection.

  • Stylish Design in Gray: Sporting a sleek gray finish, the case offers a modern and aesthetic look.

  • Compact Dimensions and Light Weight: With dimensions of 134.63 x 81.3 x 31.72 mm and a weight of 230g, the GPi CASE 2W is compact and easy to carry, ideal for gaming on the go.

Improvements Compared to the Original GPi CASE: A Significant Evolution

Compared to its predecessor, the GPi CASE 2W features several notable improvements, providing an even richer retro gaming experience:

  • 3.0-inch IPS screen: The improved resolution of 640 x 480 pixels offers exceptional image quality compared to the 2.8-inch TFT screen of the original GPi CASE, improving immersion in your favorite games.

  • 2800mAh Li-ion Battery: Replacing the original model's three AA batteries, the Li-ion battery offers higher capacity, ensuring extended gaming sessions without having to constantly replace batteries.

  • Retaining Popular Features: While introducing these significant improvements, the GPi CASE 2W retains the popular features of the original model, including control buttons, built-in speaker, and headphone audio output.

In Conclusion: A Must-Have for Portable Retrogaming Enthusiasts

In summary, the GPi CASE 2W takes the concept of portable retro gaming to a new level. With its 3.0-inch IPS screen, 2800mAh Li-ion battery, and authentic control buttons, it delivers a premium retro gaming experience. If you're a die-hard Raspberry Pi and retro gaming fan, the GPi CASE 2W is definitely worth your attention, promising hours of nostalgic fun in a sleek, portable form factor.

A Raspberry Pi Zero 2W is required!